Identification, assessment and deployment of talent (permanent/sub-contractual/career migration models) across all levels for varied skill sets

Talent Acquisition Models


Full-time permanent hiring for long-term client requirements
Skill-specific head-hunting, screening and sourcing of lateral professionals


Comprehensive hiring solution to address target resource requirements
End-to-end management of recruitment functions basis a fixed fee model mapped with agreed target numbers


Fixed-term hiring for project-based resource requirements
On-demand sourcing of SMEs with specialized skills required for short to mid-term projects


Pool of > 22000 Professionals

Existing talent pool providing an ease of access to diverse and relevant talent

SME Reviewed Quality Profiles

Pre-screening of resources by industry experts to provide right talent for right job

48 Hours Turnaround Time

Swift response to urgent requirements driven by dedicated and committed team

Best Domain Experience in Industry

Extensive industry experience to enable understanding of the pulse of the requirements

Niche Focus

Outreach into all subsets of Cyber Security to cater diverse and dynamic demands

Multi-Model Approach

Need-based approach as per business requirements for optimizing time/effort/cost involved

Automated Processe

Streamlined talent acquisition lifecycle driven by integration of people, process and technology

Multi-Channel Sourcing

Access to talent sourcing tools for addressing niche and specific requirements

Skill/Job Level Matrix